• Name: Ben
    Schooling: BHS Class of 2003
    Likes: Fire, Burning things, Flames, Drums, Anarchy, Punk Rock
    Dislikes: Topher saying “Anarchy in the UK,” things that don’t burn, fire codes, cops, smoke detectors
    Bio: After being struck down by the bunny-beam, Ben was reborn as a fire entity with no need for lighters or matches.
  • Name: Bob (Tucker)
    Schooling: BHS Class of 2003
    Likes: Being better than Topher, Macs, Star Trek, British Comedy, Asian women
    Dislikes: Windows, Bill Gates
    Bio: Abnormal Comics was born out of jealousy. Bob runs the cursed thing! While him and Topher would make perfect mortal enemies, they’ve formed a loose alliance and have a friendship grounded in Interp and Webcomics.
  • Name: Tessa
    Schooling: Groton High Class of 2002
    Likes: Aberdeen, Fruit Camp, The Dead, Kompressor, Ghost World
    Dislikes: Debate, South Dakota, fakeness
    Bio: Tessa is a camp/interp/debate friend that journeys to many Topher social events. She introduced Topher to the beauty of a Punk Show and some good things that can be found in SD. She lived in Webster, a Midpoint from Brookings and Aberdeen.
  • steph e.Name: Steph E.
    Schooling: BHS Class of 2003
    Likes: Animals, PETA, Music, Things
    Dislikes: Other things
    Bio: Steph E. is part of the Journalism crowd with Maren, Sonya and Topher. Steph and Ben dated once. It ended poorly.
  • kevinName: Kevin ?
    Schooling: BHS Class of 2002
    Likes: ???
    Dislikes: ???
    Bio: Not much is known about this mysterious, mouthless man. He seems to possess great psychic abilities and be a friend of Bob.
  • Name: Donni A.
    Schooling: BHS Class of 2004
    Occupation: Vacancy
    Likes: Staring off into space, Muppets, Rubber Ducky, Rainbow Connection
    Dislikes: Conservatives
    Bio: Donni is another camp friend in the vein of Emma. She is connected to the magical “sophomore girls” group which includes the younger Emma, Heather, and Alex and Josh. Donni is often lost in Donniland.
  • Name: Heather
    Schooling: BHS Class of 2004
    Likes: Gymnastics, whoring, ho boots, intellectualism
    Dislikes: Her brother, plays, props
    Bio: Heather is a friend of a friend. She helped propmistress a play or two and
    has been involved in Interp and Debate. She brings fun to any occasion, or breaks Topher’s prize trophy. Yar!
  • leviName: Levi
    Schooling: WHS Class of 2002
    Likes: Music, calling people Nazis, lawngnomes
    Dislikes: Tans, and things…
    Bio: Levi was a Brosty way back when. He was godlike and intimidating then, and now he still is. Not actually a pot head. Very cool and special and dirty. Has a guitar named Emma.
  • brandiName: Brandi
    Schooling: BHS Class of 1999
    Likes: Not being in Brookings, laughing at Topher, Jeff Noon Books, Alice in Wonderland, Long Conversations
    Dislikes: Feet, meat
    Bio: Topher’s older sister. She escaped Brookings and attended college in Omaha. College at Creighton for things between a Psychology major and a possible Philosophy minor. On good terms with Topher, but siblings tickle and punch brawls do occur. Likes jokes at expense of brother.
  • Name: Seth
    Schooling: WHS Class of 2001
    Likes: Maren, Nomanagrunda!, Oreos, Happiness, Magic the Gathering, Games
    Dislikes: Blondes, dumb people
    Bio: Seth was Maren’s lover. They met on the fated night of Topher’s first X-mas bash. A night that changed many lives. Seth is somewhat hyperactive and enjoys many little sayings. “Be!” And other things. He’s into that whole ‘random noise’ thing.
  • Name: Emily
    Schooling: BHS Class of 2003
    Likes: Tattoos, N’Sync, ska Nick Hexum’s sweaty body
    Dislikes: Church traffic
    Bio: Emily is a transitional friend of Maren. They’re growing apart. Maren’s coming to new people, and Emily is going out of town. And getting Tattoos. Emily’s greatest aspiration is to have many tattoos and hot sweaty groupie sex.