• Jon headshotName: Jon
    Schooling: BHS Class of 2003
    Likes: Friends, Being Himself, New People,
    Dislikes: Being Called a Pothead, Immaturity
    Bio: One sad, misunderstood boy who lived too fully and dreamed too much. Sadly, he was taken by the Scooby Gang and could not be saved by Mr. Bunny and Mr. Squirrel. He perished in a horrible toasting accident.
  • Matt headshotName: Matt
    Schooling: BHS Class of 2003
    Likes: Nintendo, Videogames, Movies, Comics
    Dislikes: Mistaken Identities, Getting Molestered, The Afterlife
    Bio: Super being extraordinaire from the moon of Planet Sailor, Matt makes it his duty to protect the universe from great harm by transforming into a Sailor Jacobsen! Sadly he was defeated and sent to the Nethernet where he is slowly regaining power.
  • Mike headshotName: Mike
    Schooling: BHS Class of 2003
    Likes: Metroid, Videogames, Nintendo, Spiderman, Megaman
    Dislikes: Life
    Bio: Twin Brother to Matt, they form the Team Sailor Jacobsen. Plans are slowly forming to overthrow the Nethernet and return to the land of the living for their vengence. If only the accursed Link could be defeated! Then, then ultimate justice would be had!
  • Adam headshotName: Adam
    Schooling: BHS Class of 2003
    Likes: Punk Rock, Guitar, Long Hair, Videogames, Link’s Special Friendship
    Dislikes: Death, Missing the English Nonconformists, Stupid Towe– Nevermind
    Bio: Adam was torn from his role as guitarist in the band The English Nonconformists, and now must befriend Link in hopes of finding a way home. The Jacobsens must be made to understand before anyone can go anywhere!
  • headshotName: Renee
    Schooling: WHS Class of 2002
    Likes: Country music, poetry, angst, boys
    Bio: Renee survived the nuclear bomb that destroyed Watertown only to later be set on fire by Ben. She was the leader of the Watertonians.
  • headshotName: KT
    Schooling: WHS Class of 2003
    Likes: Annoying Renee, boys, music
    Dislikes: Being set on fire, Renee
    Bio: KT is Renee’s younger sister. It didn’t take long for Ben to decide to commence with the Watertonian cleansing and end KT’s life.
  • headshotName: Sarah
    Schooling: WHS Class of 2002
    Likes: Things
    Dislikes: Stuff
    Bio: Another Watertonian. A dead one… She too survived the nuclear blast only to later perish in the flames of Ben.
  • Heidi/Anti-bunny headshotName: Heidi/Anti-Bunny
    Schooling: WHS Class of 2002
    Likes: Killing rabbits
    Dislikes: Porn, bunnies, porn bunnies
    Bio: Another Watertonian, Anti-Bunny refers to Playboy, but means endless hatred of all rabbitkind. She must carry on her rabbit genocide campaign from the confines of the Nethernet.
  • Liz headshotName: Liz
    Schooling: WHS Class of 2003
    Likes: Good quotes, good times, Thoreau
    Dislikes: Sarcasm, sexfiends
    Bio: A Watertonian who was one of Alex’s lovers, but let’s not talk of that. She was once a blonde haired fish, but also grew beyond that. Sadly she soon died and now must think on in the Nethernet.
  • PVP headshotName: Mikie, Boywhiz, Huzyrdadi, Etc.
    Likes: PvP
    Dislikes: PvP
    Bio: People who came from the land of the now very defunct PvP webcomic Forums. Many random people appear. Many lust for Sonya. Too bad. Forumopolis is the current incarnation of these forums.
  • headshotName: Byte Me, Lurking Evil, etc.
    Likes: Evil, ActiveWorlds & Stuff
    Dislikes: Lag
    Bio: Byte Me blew up Watertown and the forums and has gone into hiding. Lurking Evil just wanted to be in the comic, but has disappeared. Only memories remain. ActiveWorlds is a 3d virtual chat program that predates SecondLife.