• Mr. BunnyName: Mr. “Jack” Bunny
    Occupation: Smartass by Fay, Super Mega Bunny and Saver of the Universe by night!
    Likes: His Nuts, Their Sack, Cuteness, Jon’s “Happy Drugs,” Mr. Squirrel
    Dislikes: Ben, Being Set on Fire, The Sun, Death, Anti-Bunny, Watertonians
    Bio: Mr. Bunny was birthed in vengeance and set on this earth to recover the nuts that bring him power. He succumbed to an early death by Ben, a minion of the sun, but managed to come back through a portal allowing access from the Nethernet to Reality. His mission is to now hunt down those that have opposed him in the past and avenge Jon’s wrongful death.
  • Mr. SquirrelName: Mr. Squirrel
    Occupation: Nut-Finding
    Likes: Life-Saving Duct Tape, Mr. Bunny, Ms. Turtle, Chipmunks, Jon’s “Happy Candy”
    Dislikes: Fiery Death by Ben, Those who Oppose his Friends, Sonya, Death
    Bio: A travel companion to Mr. Bunny from the start, Mr. Squirrel worked hard to avenge the death of Mr. Bunny by finding his nuts. Sadly, he too died, but was luckily brought back to life by the mad genius of Bob.
  • Mr. SunName: Mr. Sun
    Occupation: Lighting up our lives
    Likes: Hydrogen, Gas, Brightness, The Big Bang
    Dislikes: Solar Flares, Sun Spots, Back Talk
    Bio: The Sun has several minions on different planets to enact its mighty will. While the Sun is usually benevolent, if someone does not like its humor, it will strike back with a most fiery retribution. It cares for those it employs.
  • Ms. TurtleName: Ms. Turtle
    Occupation: Wicked Turtle of Lower West Side
    Likes: Cackling, Being Wicked, Beauty Pageants, Mr. Squirrel
    Dislikes: Torodhy, Otot, PlagurOz trespassers
    Bio: Ms. Turtle has been entrusted with the protection of the kingdom of PlagurOz. Wicked intruders must never be allowed to enter, lest they destroy everything with their sugary disposition. She befriended two woodland folk who were mistaken as the fabled intruders and may have a possible love interest with one.
  • Link headshotName: Link
    Likes: Flying leaps, teeth hugs, affection
    Dislikes: Rejection, resistance
    Bio: Link has escaped from the Videogame World into the Nethernet to spread his own special brand of tough love. Resistance is futile.
  • Freakazoid headshotName: Freakazoid
    Age: Pie
    Likes: Witty retorts
    Dislikes: People who don’t “get him”, Candlejack
    Bio: Freakazoid has escaped TVLand to spread his humor in new, non-rerun form.
  • Evil Chimp headshotName: Evil Chimp
    Likes: Evil, soul-stealing
    Dislikes: Happiness, all that is good
    Bio: Ben’s Pet Monkey became posessed and went on a soul stealing rampage. Luckily, someone managed to banish Evil Chimp to the Nethernet dimension, where he unleashes terror upon the dead.
  • Old Lady headshotName: Old Lady Puppet
    Age: Old
    Likes: Mischief, Mischief, MISCHIEF!
    Dislikes: Er.. goodliness?
    Bio: An evil old hag of a hand puppet created to spread mischief! CITY ON FIRE! In case you’re wondering where the inspiration for her came from, you should watch the stage version of Sweeney Todd. There’s a crazy hag who lives near the shop that yells “Mischief!” a lot.